Are Tanning Beds Safe

Are Tanning Beds Safe?

Are tanning beds safe? How safe are they? Are tanning beds linked to skin cancer or other types of cancers? It has brought confusion and amidst it, some surprisingly good answers popped up.

Many people these days are obsessed with tanning, and some would do it at home or going to a tanning salon. If you want to do it at home, you will require a tanning bed. But there has been a controversy about tanning beds.

We are going to focus mainly on what the experts have to say in relevance to the safety of the tanning beds and how safe it is when compared to tanning in the sunshine. First, tanning for ten minutes in bed yields the same results as tanning in the sun for up to two hours. In this case, the sun will likely damage your skin as it will be exposed to the sun rays for two full hours.

There are two different types of tanning beds, there is one that is known as stand-up’ tanning bed and the other one lets you lay down while tanning, one thing that is sure is the uniform tan you will receive. The varying factor in tanning beds is the costs, some are as cheap as $200, but at this price range don’t expect much from them. The best tanning beds will be larger, higher in quality and costs a couple of thousands of dollars.

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Now back to our concern, are tanning beds safe? The best answer would be yes and no. It depends on how they are used, otherwise, they are relatively safe. If you follow the correct safety measures you won’t have any problems at all. Make sure you wear eye protection in order to keep your eyes safe from ultraviolet rays, apply your body with the appropriate tanning lotions that are meant for indoor tanning. By failing to consider such precautions, you are more likely to get sunburns, retina damage, early wrinkles and chances of skin cancer increases.

It is recommended, to begin with, slow tans when using the tanning bed. Make sure you adjust to the lowest settings and spend minimum time when doing it for the first time in the tanning bed, slowly you will be tanning yourself in a slow gradual way. Your skin will continue remaining healthy when the settings and time spent in the tanning bed are low.

The benefit of owning your own tanning bed is the freedom to choose your random settings and do it with minimal time over specific periods unlike it could have been done at the tanning salons. At the end of it, if you consider safety measures when going to the tanning salons, you will spend more since you will have

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to make many short visits. This is what makes tanners speed the process and it normally ends badly just damaging your skin.


What you need to put into consideration before purchasing a Home Tanning Bed

The only disadvantage of having your own tanning bed at home is its tendency to consume tons of energy. You need to isolate a secure plug point that will be used by the bed. Be prepared for the heavy energy bill that you are set to face.

Tanning beds take a big space considering their large bulky size so before buying one make sure it’s going to fit into your room. If you have a smaller room, you can go for the stand-up beds since they take less space when compared to horizontal tanning beds. Take measurements of your available room space to ease your task of finding the best tanning bed to fit your room.