How To Buy Tanning Bed

A tanning bed is an indoor device that emits ultraviolet radiation to produce a cosmetic tan at a fast rate. One of the tanning bed effects is that the tan stays for much longer. Though tanning beds were common in high end saloons they now can be found in homes too. Their generally three types of tanning bed. Low pressure, medium-pressure and high–pressure named with accordance to the intensity of the UV rays they emit.

Benefits of tanning bed effects

Fast results

It ensures you get a tan in 10-20 minutes. This is really fast compared to the lengthy hours and many days you need in order to get a tan directly from the sun. To maintain the tan you need one or two sessions weekly.


For those who cannot find time to lie in the sun and wait for a tan to form this is very convenient. You do not need to go outdoors to get a tan. You can get a tan whenever you like even at night or during winters.

Control of exposure

The ultraviolet rays you are exposed to can be controlled. They can be set to the amount of voltage you are comfortable with hence no risk of burning your skin.

Tans evenly

The rays can reach all the parts of your body as that’s the way tanning beds are made. It is impossible to have an evenly tanned body with the natural sun.

What to look for when purchasing a tanning bed

Material used for construction

Welded tanning beds are stronger and more stable compared to bolt tanning bed. Plastic is weaker than all other materials and it fades within a short time because of the heat.
Easy to maintain

A bed that is easy to be cleaned and sanitized to ensure high degree of hygiene. The lamps should be easy to replace when need arises without having to call a technician.
Electrical side

The lamps should be well powered to ensure the light is always available. No wiring problems that may be dangerous for you.


The ultraviolet radiation produced by the lamp may be UVB or UVA rays. UVB rays enhance production of melanin but are harmful if you are overexposed. High pressure model filter the UVB rays and allow only UVA rays that are less harmful and result in a deeper tan.

Size of the room

Buy a tanning bed that is proportional to the area you are placing it. The size of the room should obviously determine what size of a tanning bed you get.


Get a tanning bed with the most comprehensive and longer warranty. They need servicing at times and it is good if you can get it done for free.

How to buy a tanning bed

What you buy as your tanning bed will be determined by your location, budget, size, variety and competation. You can get them online , Fitness and sports stores, tanning bed companies and from tanning salons that are selling their old stock among others. Be sure to look
around before buying to ensure you get one at the best available price.

Why buying a tanning bed is recommended

It has many benefits some even to your health. It is believed to be a perfect sun block and also responsible for elevating winter depression. It is good for those with skin disorders like acne, eczema and psoriasis it helps get rid of the dead skin cells. All this benefits make it cheaper than their alternatives.

Everything under the sun must be used in moderation and the tanning bed is no exemption. There are many products out there that claim they give a tan, but nothing is as effective as a tanning bed. Before starting to use it ask for your doctor’s advice as people with some health condition are not allowed to use it. Their many positive tanning bed effects that make it unable to resist.