Facts about Tanning Beds and Skin Cancer

Many people searching for pleasurable and easy ways of getting vitamin D to tan their skin usually go to tanning booths for this purpose. Several researches have proved that there is great relationship between tanning beds and skin cancer. Tanning in indoor tanning booths can cause deadliest form of skin cancer, melanoma which may cause even untimely death due to the radiation of ultraviolet rays coming from UV lamps. Cancer of eyes, ocular melanoma, and cataracts can also be caused due to the exposure to this harmful UV radiation.

It has also been proved through researches that the relationship on tanning beds & skin cancer does not care for many factors while causing cancer including the type of skin, type of UV lamp and exposure to solar UV rays etc. According to medical experts observational benefits of vitamin D acquired through tanning beds do not reduce the risk of skin cancer in any way. According to them it can also be a strong reason of colon cancer in many cases.

Dangers of tanning beds

Users of tanning beds are exposed to both types of UV rays, UVA and UVB, while tanning their skin in tanning booths. These rays damage the skin to cause skin cancer by their persistent use. Experience on tanning beds is more dangerous for people who start tanning their skin in tanning booths in their early adulthood or teenage years as they are at higher risk of getting skin cancer which can be fatal for them.

Effect of tanning beds on the skin

Tanning beds and skin cancer go hand in hand if you tan your skin more frequently. The risk of skin cancer increases every time you tan your skin in tanning booths. Other harmful effects of tanning beds include:

Premature skin aging due to early appearance of age spots and wrinkles Change in the texture of skin Potential increase in the risk of blinding eyes, if they are not protected during treatment

Other facts about tanning beds

Though skin tanning in sun is not safe but tanning beds are also not safe Skin tanning is dangerous whether it is outdoor or indoor as UV rays adversely affect the sensitive skins even if the tanning beds can be used for limited time. The effect of UV rays got from tanning beds on your skin can vary according to type of your skin and the type of UV bulb used in the bed. Tanning beds are designed to provide high level exposure of UV radiation to your skin in shorter time to tan it as soon as possible Overexposure to the radiation of UV rays can not only damage the texture of your skin but also burn it The injuries caused by UV rays respond as tanning on the skin which makes your skin sensitive to future damages instead of protecting it It makes your skin sensitive to sun rays as it can easily get sunburn

Thus you should avoid tanning your skin through tanning beds as tanning beds and skin cancer are greatly linked together.